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Our mission is to teach the B2B business development community how to open the doors that build effective referral networks and maximize client acquisition.

Social selling is the key.

Warm lead generation results in an average of 60% conversion of prospect to client. All About Leverage will help you transform your sales cylinder into a sales funnel by building more purposeful networks. Learn how to bridge the gap between your online network & activity with your in-person network & activity. 

Want to train on your own time, or have a team of people who want to learn new social selling strategies? Check out our Virtual Training courses. We’ll teach you all the secrets we have learned over the years.

If you and your team are already swamped, we can manage your entire campaign with our Concierge Services.

Become more relevant. Get found by prospects. Build a powerful network. Remember, it’s All About Leverage.


Kurt Foedisch

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Kurt Foedisch is Founding Partner, President & Chief Executive Officer at All About Leverage LLC, a Philadelphia-based social selling and door-opening firm. He also manages the operations, finances, and human resources aspects of the business.


Bobbie Foedisch

Founding Partner & Chief Social Selling Officer

Bobbie Foedisch is Founding Partner and Chief Social Selling Officer at All About Leverage LLC, a Philadelphia-based social selling and door-opening firm. She is also a national key-note speaker and trainer for All About Leverage, LLC.


 We know what business development takes

If you have ever been charged with the responsibility of business development, whether that means sales or marketing or networking, then you know the type of dedication that goes into being successful. We know what it takes too.

There are so many hats to wear in a business development role… Cold calling, foot canvassing, networking, marketing, branding. Titles don’t matter when it comes to business development.

Be more efficient——and effective!

The question is – how can you be as efficient as you need to be to get everything done? Phone calls are time consuming and have only a .5% conversion ratio. Foot canvassing is pretty much obsolete now that everyone has posted “No Soliciting” signs.

Random traditional networking is time consuming and expensive… not to mention a roll of the dice. We’re here to change all that, and give people a new, more purposeful way to grow their business.

 We’ll help you open more doors

Our mission is to teach the B2B business development community how to open more doors, build better networks and effective referral networks, and maximize client acquisition. Social selling is the key.

Did you know that 78% of sales professionals that leverage social media outperform their peers? And that 62% of decision makers begin the buying process with a referral or introduction?

 Our Mission & Goal for You

  • Become a thought leader in your company or industry
  • Leverage modern day technology & social selling techniques to maximize your time and efforts
  • Reach your warm market through your current network.
  • Open more doors, close more business, and increase your client retention rates
  • Make the most out of your networking events

Bobbie will change the way you think about social selling. You will learn how to leverage your connections to gain targeted lead generation and maximize your conversion rates for new customer acquisitions.

Healthcare Marketing Executive

As a result of learning Bobbie's social media and LinkedIn process, the immediate impact in increasing production and efficiency is unparalleled from any other channel and method I have experienced.

Regional Director at National Financial Services Firm

I personally recommend Bobbie Foedisch for your social media training. Whether you're an individual, a fortune 500 company or somewhere in between, Bobbie will coordinate the push and pull of how to navigate in today's social media environment. You will get real, measurable bottom line sales results. Bobbie is the Chief Social Selling Officer! Thank you for all you've done for The Scirocco Insurance Group Bobbie.

Director of Agency Sales, National Insurance Agency

Bobbie is the consummate professional and an unbelievable source for networking. Once I engaged Bobbie to help me with my linkedin profile the activity level of individuals viewing it and reaching out was phenomenal. If you are looking for assistance help and the best use of linkedin for whatever business reason, I highly recommend you reach out to Bobbie. She will help you build not only a credible and professional profile, but help build your network as well. Go Bobbie.

Senior Business Management Executive

Kurt Foedisch and All About Leverage bring networking to the 21st century. Friendly, personable and always there to help someone in his network, Kurt personifies what it means to leverage LinkedIn in real and meaningfull ways. If you are looking to learn about networking or update your process, Kurt and All About Leverage are the real deal and you need look no further.

Senior Sales Director, International Talent Management Firm

Kurt is the consummate professional, consistently focused on building a business that is totally focused on results through their carefully crafted and delivered platform for helping you build a purposeful network with the right people who do business the right way! I have known Kurt for years and can highly recommend his company to you, if you are interested in growing your business and a network of people that will enable you to "work on your business not in your business."

President, National Management Consulting Firm

Kurt is fantastic! I’ve had the opportunity to connect with him through his company events and workshops, All About Leverage, LLC on several occasions and he amazes me every time. As a personable and knowledgeable professional with the patience of an angel (I can be a bit difficult when it comes to technology related questions), he ceases to surprise me with his niche business acumen. Kurt is an effective leader, organizational meeting facilitator and awesome connector.

President and CEO, National Professional Training & Coaching Firm

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