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Hands-On Services For Busy Executives

“I get the whole social selling concept but I just don’t have the time to learn or implement something new.”

Does this sound familiar? Are you too busy running your business or hitting your sales quota to implement a new social selling process?

Do you understand the impact of social warm lead generation, but just don’t have the time to do anything more than you are already doing?

Let our team of sales and marketing experts manage your social networks to increase close ratios and maximize client acquisition today!

Build Your Social Presence Now!

Spend your time doing what your do best.

You understand the impact social selling can have on your business, your commissions, or your bottom line, but you just don’t have the time to implement a new process right now.

Let All About Leverage will help you maximize your time. We’ll run your social selling platforms so you can focus on the things that matter most – your business, your network, your clients, and your bottom line.

We’ll post to Twitter, stay current on LinkedIn and manage your company Facebook page. And we don’t stop there. We’ll do the heavy lifting and free up your valuable time.


 Customized Programs for YOUR Needs

We may leverage several social media platforms (based on your needs) or we may leverage only a single platform. We will focus our energies on the platform(s) that best suits your business and your target audience.

This is not the old “spaghetti against the wall” approach.

It is not necessary to be everywhere – it is only necessary to be where your target audience is.

The goal is to open doors by leveraging your existing network, and at the same time, creating thought leadership through content marketing. Both strategies have proven to increase leads and grow our clients’ businesses.

78% of Business Development Professionals who leverage social selling techniques outperform their peers, because 62% of decision makers begin the buying process with an introduction or referral.

Our Concierge Social Selling Services Include:

  • Optimization of All your Social Media Platforms.
  • A Customized Content Marketing Schedule based on Social Media Etiquette (for up to 30 Platforms)
  • Run Metrics regularly to see when your social media network are on-line for more effective thought leadership and top-of-mind status
  • Position You as a Thought Leader and Subject Matter Expert in your Field.
  • Help Build Your Referral Network
  • Train Your Referral Network on How to Refer You to Others
  • Locate Your Ideal Client Profile Across (up to) 30 Platforms.
  • Locate Your Warm Market through Your Network.
  • Develop Targeted Messaging and follow-up messaging
  • Send Meeting Request Direct Messaging to Target via Warm Lead Generation. 
  • Keep you Top-of-Mind before, during, and after the sale.
  • Position you as an Industry or Product Thought Leader
  • Maximize client acquisition and close ratios.
  • Locate Ideal Prospects and Message Them to Get to the Face-to-Face
  • Locate Job Candidates and Message Them to Get to the Face-to-Face
  • Locate Channel Partners and Message Them to Get to the Face-to-Face
  • Locate Referral Partners and Message Them to Get to the Face-to-Face
  • Locate Centers-of-Influence​ and Message Them to Get to the Face-to-Face
  • Purposeful Network Building: LinkedIn Connections, Facebook Friends & Page Likes, Twitter Followers
  • Create and implement Email Marketing Campaigns

Our Approach to Social Selling

We have developed a holistic approach to networking, prospecting, content marketing, and thought leadership. We work these on-line processes to get you to your face-to-face meeting. We not only find your prospects, we find the person that can open the door to that prospect. We follow up with them with a series of messages to get you in the door.

Once you are in the door, it’s up to you to close the sale (after all, that IS what you do best!), then we pick it right back up again to keep you top mind and position you as a thought leader. If they are not ready to buy today, you will be the first person they think of when they ARE ready.

So let us help you build your network with the right professionals, position you as the subject matter expert, and help you turn your sales funnel into a sales cylinder. 78% of Business Development Professionals that leverage social selling techniques, outperform their peers. 62% of decision makers begin the buying process with an introduction or referral.

Contact All About Leverage to develop your Social Selling Campaigns.

Corporate executives and Sales Managers like you know the value of Social Selling, but just don’t have the time to do it.
We can handle it for you. 

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All About Leverage, LLC takes the most powerful social media business marketing tool full circle for their clients. This process is meant for professionals that have collected connections on LinkedIn, don’t know what to do with them, and are interested in leveraging your warm market but don’t have any more time in the day. I believe their slogan is, “What is your time worth?” Excellent question.

Web Desinger, International Public Relations and Communications Firm

“Most LinkedIn training companies give their customers what they ask for, not what they really want or need to drive the business. All About Leverage goes deep into the practical aspects of how to actually use LI to build a consistent stream of high quality introductions to rapidly increase sales and business development. She made the program fun and exhibited the right balance of patience and persistence with the team to ensure everyone got it. When we left the session within hours we were scheduling meetings with people we wanted to meet whom we never met before.

CEO, National Professional Training & Coaching Firm

I not only have had the good fortune of collaborating with All About Leverage, I have also enlisted their subject matter expertise regarding LinkedIn. Their LinkedIn knowledge is amazingly detailed, and their creative ideas are quick and easy to implement. The ability they have to connect with their clients and provide the best service possible is noteworthy. They are simply the best and I highly recommend their services to everyone.

Founder, CEO & Marketing Consultant, Marketing and Advertising Firm

From the minute I first met Bobbie, it was clear that she is a networker. She gets it. She has a deep and clear understanding of how to network, and with whom to connect. Bobbie maximizes her networking effectiveness with her LinkedIn prowess, and leverages her understanding of social media to connect herself and her clients to a very targeted prospect pool based on specified criteria. At the very least, I recommend having a cup of coffee with her .... I know I am looking forward to my next cup of coffee with her!

Executive Coach / Mentor / Business Growth Consultant

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