What Are Your Connections Up To? Opportunity is Knocking…

LinkedIn sends us a recap email of the changes happening within our networks.  This provides us with additional opportunities to network and stay top of mind with our connections, and potentially open the dialogue.

Here’s a partial look at one of the “What are your connections up to?” email I received recently:

What do you see here?  Information?  Yes.  But what else?

I see opportunity.  The opportunity to learn about and network with my connections. I see doors opening.

For example, looks like Ed has a new publication.  So I’ll take a few moments out of my day to view his profile, check out his publication, and send him a note congratulating him in his work.

My connection Dave has added an Honor or Award to his profile.  Seems like a great opportunity to reach out and congratulate him on his achievement.  Perhaps even a public status update on my homepage would be appreciated – notifying my network of Dave’s recent achievement, thus maximizing his visibility.  Dave is the ultimate professional and always responds out of respect for himself as well as his network, so I know the opportunity to open the dialogue is there.

My friend Amy has added a new skill to her profile.  I happen to be able to honestly endorse her for her skills, so I will!  Amy will receive a notification that I have endorsed her, and no doubt will reach out to me, hence opening the dialogue.  Let’s not forget birthdays, anniversaries, and new jobs – it’s always good form to celebrate the special days of the folks in our networks, as well as another touch-point and reason to reach out to stay top of mind as well.

Networking is about opening the dialogue, then continuing the dialogue.  We may not be able to show up at everyone’s door with candy and flowers when something great happens, or when they are recognized for achievements, or even just want to let the world know that they have invested the time to develop additional relevant skills, but we can take a few moments out of our busy days to send a quick message, endorse a new skill, or even congratulate publicly in a status update just letting them know we are thinking of them.  In addition to our face-to-face activities, combined with our content distribution and thought leadership, and events that we hold or participate in, this type of digital outreach takes only a few moments a day and shows a focus on them, not you, and opens a window into their worlds that you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to learn if it weren’t for on-line social networks.  It’s not about one or the other… it’s about leveraging everything at our disposal that allows us to touch our networks in different ways.

What a great way to stay top of mind, engage with and learn about your network, and keep in touch with as many people as possible in just a few moments of our day.


  • Be the first to give to your new business relationships
  • Always pay it forward
  • Network with purpose.

Good luck and good networking! Remember… It’s All About Leverage.

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