Disconnect from the White Noise on LinkedIn… and Prospect at the Same Time? Part 3

Disconnect from the White Noise on LinkedIn… and Prospect at the Same Time? Part 3

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For now, we are going to focus on the 3-step process in cleaning up your LinkedIn network, and how to prospect at the same time. The 3rd step is the ‘tagging’ process.

I’m going to walk you through the process of segmenting your network by category, so you can appropriately follow up with mass messaging or with individual messaging to each person based on the “buckets” you chose to assign to each connection.

First, think about how the tagging feature makes sense for you. Perhaps you will choose to ‘tag’ or segment your network with the following:

  1. prospects, clients, referral partners, COI’s, Thought Leaders

      OR perhaps it makes more sense for you to tag by industry:

  1. HR, Financial, IT, Banking, Recruiting, Pharma, Biotech, Web, Marketing, etc.

      Or perhaps by title:

  1. CXO, VP, Director, Owner, Manager, etc.

      Or perhaps by Networking Entity:

  1. Chamber, Association, Vistage, etc.

      Or maybe tagging by location makes most

      (if you travel or hold events in multiple locations)

  1. Philadelphia, NYC, Washington D.C., Seattle, San Diego, Nevada, etc.
  2. By each Client’s Company Name

A great advantage is that you can tag each member of your 1st degree network with multiple tags, and you can create up to 200 tags… so maybe it makes sense to tag your network by all of the above.

At AAL, we tag our connections by location, as well as networking entity. This allows us to message our network when we will be in their area, and also notify networking groups with news and updates. We also tag by Client Company Names as they receive additional opportunities to engage at events complimentary of AAL. Many of our students tag by Title, Industry, and status (see #1 above). This allows them to prospect based on category.

There are 2 ways to tag your network.

  1. Directly from their LinkedIn profile, in the ‘Relationship’ tab. Click here to read more about the ‘Relationship’ tab.
  2. From your ‘My Network/Connections’ Tab

From your ‘My Network/Connections’ Tab

  1. Hover over your 1st Degree Connection’s Information Box, and 3 hyperlinks will appear at the bottom, including tag, message, and more. As you can see in the screenshots below, we had to split the screenshots with the top and bottom of our tagging list. You will most likely see 4-5 tags when you click on ‘tag’.
  1. Click ‘Tag’. Your current tags will appear in the list. Simply check the box of any current tag to apply the tag to your connection.
  1. At the bottom of your tag list, you will see 2 options – ‘Add New Tags’, ‘Manage Tags’. Click ‘Add New Tag’ for the ability to customize any tag you would like. Click ‘Manage Tags’ to delete, edit, etc.

Best Practice: Sort by first or last name and chip away at this one letter of the alphabet at a time. This will help you keep track easily. Once you have caught up, you will then be able to simply sort by ‘New’ each week to tag your new connections… this should be much less time consuming once you have caught up!

Then, filter by tag, choose the tag you are interested in messaging, and LinkedIn will list the professionals you placed in that “bucket” with the tags you designated.

Now that you are in the ‘tag’, you have 2 options. You have the ability to send individual messages to each member within the tag, or you can send 1 single mass message to all members simultaneously.

To send individual members, simply click ‘message’ and a message box will appear:

To send a mass message, click ‘Select all’, then click ‘Message’:

LinkedIn will populate all members into 1 message. Unfortunately, there is no option to BCC, so all members will see all responses.

Best Practice – only send mass messages within tags where the connections know each other.

Here are some examples of when we send mass messaging:

  1. Announcement/event invitation to our networking groups
  2. Announcement/event invitation to our clients by company
  3. Providing information regarding a new service that may apply to either of these groups
  4. Congrats to any client company in the news
  5. Our students within a single company

Now, here are some examples of when we send individual messaging:

  1. Sending registration links to events by location – we will send all of our connections individual invitations to upcoming events in their area.
  2. Prospecting follow-up messages where we send content that will help them solve a problem internally. Generally, we send our blogs to any prospect based on the conversation in the discovery meeting.

Best Practice for individual messaging: Write 1 standard message in a word doc, and copy and paste into each individual message. Add a little custom verbiage to the ones that matter most.


  • Be the first to give to your new business relationships
  • Always pay it forward
  • Network with purpose.

Good luck and good networking! Remember… It’s All About Leverage.

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