How Does LinkedIn Determine “People You May Know”?

LinkedIn provides each of us with unique recommendations to connect with people we may know. There are multiple places to find this on LinkedIn:

  1. Right from your home page
  2. From your “People You May Know” page
  3. From your Mobile App


Let’s look at each of these location:

  1. On your home page:
    • Click “People You May Know” to see all of LinkedIn’s suggestions on one page

  1. From your “People You May Know” page:
    • Hover over your ‘Add a Connection’ icon, then click on “People You May Know / See All”

  1. From your mobile app:


How does LinkedIn determine these “people you may know”?

LinkedIn looks for commonalities, or warm touch points, between you and other LinkedIn members. This may include common connections, common work experience and profile information, common industries, or even common schools. If you imported your email contact lists, you may also see suggestions from there as well. You’ll notice that sometimes the professional listed in “People You May Know” has only an email address. This means that they may not actually be a member of LinkedIn yet. You will see an option to ask them to join LinkedIn.

How can this be beneficial in growing your network?

Not all of us have processes in place that ensure we send a LinkedIn connection request to every professional that matters to us, so this can help remind us of professionals that we should be networked with or with whom we are currently networking. Remember too be purposeful in growing your network. Don’t connect just to connect. And don’t forget to customize your invitation. The most unoriginal, boring sentence anyone can send or read on LinkedIn is, “I’d like to add you to my professional network”. Be original. Be yourself.

How can this be detrimental in growing your network?

Well, LinkedIn frowns upon mass connecting and encourages each of us to build a quality network of business professionals that we know or perhaps have warm touch point in common. It’s nice to have 500+ connections, but don’t fall into the ‘instant gratification trap’. Earn your connections.

Every single LinkedIn member has the ability to ignore the invitation, mark your invitation as spam, or tell LinkedIn that they don’t know you, immediately after dismissing your invitation. This helps to notify LinkedIn as to whether they need to restrict the sender’s account. And you don’t want that to happen!

Be purposeful, build your connections with the intentions of helping other, becoming a resource, and influencing those interested in your services.

We love sharing some of our best practices with our network. Best practices can certainly help get you started, but when you are ready to implement an actual social selling process, contact Bobbie at All About Leverage for more information. It’s all about the process!


  • Be the first to give to your new business relationships
  • Always pay it forward
  • Network with purpose.

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