If You Build It They Will Come: How to Build a Referral Machine – Part 1: The Theory

By August 5, 2014LinkedIn Strategies

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Part 2: The Process

Part 3: The Results

What if, when you popped open your laptop this morning, you had 15 referrals/introductions sitting in your inbox?What if every single week, your calendar was filled with warm leads provided by your network?What do you think that would do for your sales process, your sales pipeline, your commission, and your bottom line?What if you could build a network referral machine?What if I told you… you can?

The theory is outstanding.If you already have a network referral machine, that means you have taken the steps toward being a Trusted Advisor, Thought Leader, and Subject Matter Expert in your field.It’s all about choosing the people that make the most sense as building blocks for your business, and building substantial, meaningful relationships with them.This is something that takes time, effort, contribution, and selflessness.You need to possess a certain degree of dedication and commitment to excellence, a desire to give selflessly and without expectation, and be able to provide something of value to the people that you choose to be in your network.

I remember sitting in on a sales presentation years ago, and they described a good referral partner as someone that can provide you with 4 -5 good introductions per year.Don’t get me wrong, 4-5 referrals from any single person per year is good.But, this is where old meets new.The idea of referral partners is key to building the machine, however with today’s technology, we have the capabilities of choosing exactly who we want in our customized networks based on location, title, company size, fortune size, keywords, seniority level, experience level, etc.Not only that, but we can take the lead on our own referral process and provide our referral network with exactly who we are interested in meeting, but also see exactly who can make that introduction.That means, 4-5 per year can become 4-5 per month.IT’s all going to depend on your network.I’ll tell you how in Part 2: The Process.Hint: LinkedIn.

We are not re-inventing the wheel here folks.Business people have been doing this since the first business transaction.But the seasoned generations and the newbie generation have grown up in the business world with different training, skillsets, technology, and insights.The best seasoned “selling” and “non-selling professionals” alike understand that open minds along with the ability to adapt and reinvent their processes are the key to being successful.What does this have to do with the theory behind building a network referral machine?

Over the next 3 weeks, I will share not only the process that All About Leverage, LLC has put into place, but also the results.Just to give you an idea:

  1. The theory has been proven
  2. The process works
  3. The results are incredible

This may sound crazy, but if you put your time and effort into people and process, the sales will come.

If you build it, they will come. –Field of Dreams (I love that movie)


  • Be the first to give to your new business relationships
  • Always pay it forward
  • Network with purpose.

Good luck and good networking!Remember… It’s All About Leverage.

I’d appreciate your insight and feedback.Please let me know your thoughts and questions.I will do my very best to respond in a timely manner!


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Bobbie specializes in helping executives as well as sales & marketing teams maximize client acquisition through the intersection of face-to-face networking combined with social selling techniques. Her customized programs and processes not only help in building the right network of prospects, clients, referral partners, and centers of influence, but also provide techniques to become thought leaders in their industry and stay top of mind with their targets.

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