Keeping Track of Your 1st Degree Connections with LinkedIn

I was training a local company on Social Selling techniques earlier this week, when the following questions came up, “Bobbie, is there a way to track activity with my 1st Degree Connections on LinkedIn?”

And the answer is, “Yes”.  This may be one of the better kept secrets on LinkedIn.  I’ll use Mary Trapani as an example.  Mary is a 1st Degree Connection of mine, so when I view her profile, I have the option to add information that is only visible to me, directly on Mary’s profile.

As you can see, directly below Mary’s Profile Picture, there are 2 tabs.  The first tab is (See #1 in the screenshot above) ‘Relationship’.  The second tab is ‘Contact Info’.

From the Relationship tab, I can add 5 different types of content (See #2 in the screenshot above).

  1. Notes – As you can see, 1 day ago I made a note that ‘Mary is awesome’.
  2. Reminders – I added a reminder on Monday to call Mary about Creative Benefits in 1 day. I received an email reminder from LinkedIn on Tuesday. Below the reminder is a note that the reminder is overdue. There is a call to action right below, “Mark as complete”.
  3. How You Met – this is an excellent note to keep. Over the years we meet hundreds, if not, thousands of people. It helps to know where it all started!
  4. Tag – this allows us to segment our network by categories, and the best part is that we choose the exact categories, whether the categories include seniority level, location, industry, network, etc., we have the ability to completely customize.
  5. All LinkedIn messaging that has included Mary. Whenever I send a LinkedIn message with Mary’s name in the ‘To’ Field, the conversation is stored right here.

The 2nd Tab is the ‘Contact info’ tab (see #1 in the screenshot above).  Again, this is information that can be edited by you and seen only by you.  This is your rolodex of information.  I have blacked out all of Mary’s private information above because it is the additional contact information that I personally have for Mary, which I have entered into Mary’s LinkedIn profile for my reference only.

You’ll notice I have about 7 email address, 7 phone numbers, and her address saved in her contact information.  Again, this is for my eyes only – not even Mary can see this on her profile.

How do you edit this information?  See #2 in the screenshot above.  Simply click and edit!

This is somewhat of a basic, limited CRM.  It is helpful in that it becomes a one-stop shop for my contact with Mary.

What are your thoughts?  Did you know this is available on LinkedIn? Do you use it?  If so, is it effective and is it a good use of your time?  We want to know!  Comment below with your thoughts!


  • Be the first to give to your new business relationships
  • Always pay it forward
  • Network with purpose.

Good luck and good networking! Remember… It’s All About Leverage.

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