LinkedIn’s Connected App is Retiring

In case you haven’t heard, as of March 21st, 2016, the LinkedIn Connected App will be retired.  LinkedIn’s intentions are to help keep up with our connections quickly and efficiently, so they have incorporated LinkedIn Connected’s features into the new LinkedIn app interface.

A few weeks ago, LinkedIn sent out the following message to its members:

In July 2014 ​we launched the LinkedIn Connected app to give you a better way to keep in touch with your professional network. Since then​ we’ve gained tremendous insight from your feedback and have integrated ​the functionality of ​Connected into our main LinkedIn app to provide our members with a more streamlined experience. 

So,​ we’ll be​ retiring the LinkedIn Connected app on March 21, 2016. You’ll find all of your network updates – like ​the ​job changes and birthdays of people in your network​ – already available on the “My Network” tab of​ the main LinkedIn app.

If you synced your calendar in Connected to get prompts ​about people you’re meeting with, you’ll need to re-sync it in the main LinkedIn app. To do this, click the icon in the upper right of the “My Network” tab. 

The good thing is that I now have 1 less app on my phone.  And LinkedIn is now forcing us to get a grip on the new LinkedIn app.  So… let’s get acclimated to the new LinkedIn app.

No functionality has been lost.  In fact, it seems much more in-light with the ‘Connections’ tab on LinkedIn.

For birthdays, anniversaries new jobs, and ‘People You May Know’, click on the ‘My Network’ icon.  You will be prompted to submit messaging for each action.  LinkedIn has provided some standard verbiage, but be sure to take a few seconds to customize your notes.

Other changes?

  • LinkedIn states the feed is more tailored to your interests
  • The search functionality is more powerful.


  • You can download the new LinkedIn mobile app from theApple App Store & Google Play Store.
  • You will need to re-sync your calendar to continue receiving meeting updates in the new application.


What are your thoughts?


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  • Be the first to give to your new business relationships
  • Always pay it forward
  • Network with purpose.

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