Make it a (LinkedIn) Group Effort!

I think we’re all probably aware by now that the LinkedIn Group Interface has changed.  One of the changes that I wasn’t too sure about was the ability of members to accept other professionals into the group, even if the members are not the administrators.

A first, I thought that it would make the groups more difficult to control for the moderators, or even allow pending members into groups that do not fit the guidelines provided by the administrators.

It turns out, that if we are all acting professionally, and following the guidelines and rules set forth by the administrators, then we are actually providing a good service, to both the group moderator and administrators as well as our 1st degree connections that are waiting to be accepted into the groups.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to catch up on the changes in LinkedIn Groups, you should definitely check out LinkedIn’s New Group Interface, andHow LinkedIn Group Changes Effect You by Kurt Foedisch.  Also check out  my recent blog, Why LinkedIn Groups are So Valuable… in the event you were wondering 😉

If you didn’t know, you can accept any pending invitation to any open group from any one of your 1st Degree Connections.  Why would you want to do this?

  • You are adding value to the group but accepting in your valued network.
  • You are adding value to your 1st Degree Connection by accepting them into the group
  • You will have more “face-time” with that new group member inside the group

How do you accept your 1st Degree Connections into the groups?

First, go to your Groups Page:

Then choose the group by clicking on the name of the group.  Once you are in the group page, click on the number of members (both locations will work).

Then click on ‘Pending’ to see your 1st Degree Connections that are currently Pending.  Click ‘Accept’ to accept them into the group.

Will they be notified that you have accepted them?

They won’t receive an email or LinkedIn message, but they will receive a notification in their ‘notification’ flag icon.

You also have the ability to invite others to the open groups. See below:

So help spread the love and grow the groups that have been most impactful for you.  Help create communities on LinkedIn become more impactful and better connected.  This is also a great touch point with members of your network you may be trying to provide value to or bring in subject-matter-experts that can bring the value to the group.

These are just a few more best practices.  We love sharing our these with our network.  Best practices can certainly help get you started, but when you are ready to implement an actual social selling process, contact me at All About Leverage for more information. It’s all about the process!


  • Be the first to give to your new business relationships
  • Always pay it forward
  • Network with purpose.

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