[VIDEO] Set it Straight with Your LinkedIn Settings

By August 26, 2016LinkedIn Strategies

Who can see your connections?

Is your network notified about profile changes?

Are you visible or are you viewing in private mode?

Who can follow you?

Who are you blocking?

Who have you unfollowed?

What types of emails do you want to receive from LinkedIn?

Who can send you invitations?

What type of member messages do you want to receive?

Do you want to receive invitations to join groups?

Do you want your network notified when you join a group?

What about your security settings?  Do you want a double verification?

WOW!  That’s the third degree, huh?  Did you realize that you have the ability to control this and many other features that LinkedIn allows us to choose from that will help us manage everything about our LinkedIn accounts?

Set it straight.  Here’s how.


Videos by Fresh Level Productions

Take the few minutes to set yourself up for success.  Get the info you want, give the info you want, and be purposeful about your visibility on LinkedIn.


  • Be the first to give to your new business relationships
  • Always pay it forward
  • Network with purpose.

Good luck and good networking! Remember… It’s All About Leverage.

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