Our goal is to teach businesspeople how to network with purpose.
Our Virtual Trainings and Concierge Services teach you the secrets of Social Selling.
Our proven techniques have developed powerful referral networks for major corporations and small biz owners.

Leverage Your Connections

At All About Leverage, LLC, we help you build purposeful networks that connect you with the people you need to meet to grow your business.

We know that it’s not just about activity.
It’s about the right activity.

We help put you in the room with your ideal target client, prospects, centers-of-influence, referral partners, next great job opportunity, next speaking engagement, or whoever your decision-maker is today. 

When you train online with our virtual courses, or we handle the Social Selling for you with our Concierge services, you will unleash the power of Social Selling to open doors and develop meaningful business relationships.  

Leverage YOUR network to increase your leads.

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LinkedIn & Social Selling Virtual Workshops

Our online workshops provide the groundwork for your base line of social selling knowledge, and get you up to speed on functionality and terminology.

Workshops typically cover one major topic or segment of Social Selling Training and are segmented based on topic and vary in duration.

These courses are perfect for busy executives or marketing teams who want to leverage their connections and train on their own schedule.

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Concierge Social Selling Services

For the busy executive, we can create and maintain your Social Selling campaigns for you.

We tailor your campaign to YOUR needs and goals. We can manage one particular network or several.

We will focus our energies on the platform(s) that best suits your business and your target audience.

This is not the old “spaghetti against the wall” approach, but a targeted customized campaign.

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Bobbie and her team have taken my connections and leveraged them to an astounding network of people with whom I exchange business on a regular basis. this is not selling the way I used to do it. This is way more fun and way more effective!

CEO Financial firm NY

"My leads have increased 23% since I started training with Bobbie. LinkedIn has been the best way to connect with the people I want and need to meet. It's been fantastic training!"

Barbara B, Sales Manager NYC

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