Why LinkedIn Groups are So Valuable…

What are LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn Groups are basically professional forums where like-minded professionals can engage in content and conversation regarding specific topics.  Groups are not only an incredible resource for information, but also a simple way to expand your reach and your network in an instant.  By joining LinkedIn Groups, hundreds to thousands to millions of professionals can gain access to you (and vise versa) that would potentially not have visibility otherwise.

How many LinkedIn Groups can I join?

They myth is/was that you are capable of joining 50 LinkedIn Groups.  Before the major changes to LinkedIn Groups in Q4 of 2015, many professionals believed that they were only capable of joining 50 groups, when in fact the actual number is 100 Groups.  The 100 Groups included 50 Main Groups plus 50 Sub Groups, therein lies the confusion (I believe).  Now that groups are no longer categorized by main groups and sub groups, we still have the ability to join 100 LinkedIn groups.

Why are LinkedIn Groups so valuable?

Well, in addition to increasing your social network’s reach by hundreds to thousands to millions of professionals, and having subject matter literally available at your fingertips, we are also capable of searching for, and privately messaging other individuals in that group regardless of connection level.  What I mean is, that I can search for and message other professionals whether they are a 2nd degree connection or a 1,000th degree connection, as long as they have not turned that specific setting off.

How do I do that?

Go to the group page:

Choose the group:

Click on the number of group members:

Enter the name of the professional you are trying to contact:

Hover over the right side of the information box, and an envelope will appear.  Simply click the envelope to send your private message…

You can also simply peruse the list of members directly from the members list and send private messages to the professionals that make the most sense for you to contact.  The entire member list will be available to you in the ‘members’ tab.

Click here for more information regarding private messaging, provided by the LinkedIn help center.

I hope you found this information helpful!  These are just some best practices that you can implement very quickly in your daily social activities.  Best practices can certain help get you started, but when you are ready to implement an actual social selling process, contact me at All About Leverage for more information. It’s all about the process!


  • Be the first to give to your new business relationships
  • Always pay it forward
  • Network with purpose.

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